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Gemsona Challenge Day - 4 by Fyreglyphs Gemsona Challenge Day - 4 by Fyreglyphs
Eee first gif of the challenge!

Crystal Idol: Your gemsona magically gets to hang out with the canon Gem they most admire! What happens?

So I drew the background a while ago and decided that it would be best to use it for this one! And I know it doesn't fit canonly at the moment, but if things work out, this is how it would go down. Sphal's "idol" is Lapis Lazuli mostly because she is very powerful and very attune to herself and doesn't let people push her around. She looks up to her a lot, but being the gem she is, she'd awkwardly admire her from a distance. I think over time, once Lapis realizes that Sphal is basically following her, they'd start to interact and become close friends! I also tried to keep to SU's style here.

Copyright tag for Deviants 16 by rclarkjnr
30 Day Gemsona Challenge
Commission/Request Information

:bulletorange: Day 1 - Introductions
:bulletorange: Day 2 - Weapon Summon
:bulletorange: Day 3 - Background
:bulletorange: Day 4 - Crystal Idol
:bulletorange: Day 5 - Purple P and Tiger M
:bulletorange: Day 6 - Special Talents
:bulletorange: Day 7 - The Homeworld
:bulletorange: Day 8 - Distance Model
:bulletorange: Day 9 - Cracked Gem
:bulletorange: Day 10 - Change of Heart
:bulletorange: Day 11 - Dream Team
:bulletorange: Day 12 - Alt Outfit
:bulletorange: Day 13 - A Day in the Life of
:bulletorange: Day 14 - Challenger Approaching!
:bulletorange: Day 15 - Regeneration
:bulletorange: Day 16 - Hanging with Humans
:bulletorange: Day 17 - Fusion Frenzy
:bulletorange: Day 18 - Shapeshift
:bulletorange: Day 19 - Steven Style
:bulletorange: Day 20 - Loyalty
:bulletorange: Day 21 - Monster Gem
:bulletorange: Day 22 - Rebellion!
:bulletorange: Day 23 - Same Gem? Same Gem!
:bulletorange: Day 24 - Outfit Exchange
:bulletorange: Day 25 - Historic Site
:bulletorange: Day 26 - With the Gems
:bulletorange: Day 27 - Stars In Your Eyes
:bulletorange: Day 28 - Guess Who?
:bulletorange: Day 29 - Favorites
:bulletorange: Day 30 - Free Space

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